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About Me

Daniel Curran is an Atlanta-based visual artist whose passion for texture and vibrant colors is evident in his body of work.  Drawing inspiration from the impressionist painters and his studies in painting and sculpture, Daniel developed his own process of painting. He combines a sculpted foundation with generous layers of paint resulting in brilliant heavily textured surfaces.  His early work consisted mainly of landscapes but in the last several years Daniel has produced a collection of portraits of both animals and iconic people in music and pop culture.  Daniel is now balancing his work between creating new tropical landscapes along with a continuation of the portrait series.

Daniel Curran was born in Boston, MA in 1978 and began creating art as young child. His focus with art was strong in school and he accompanied that with his first formal art classes at The Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA.   At the age of 17 he had the opportunity to live on the island of Kauai, Hawaii where he apprenticed with artist DJ Khamis to study oil painting and landscapes.  His first paintings on canvas consisted of tropical beaches and lush waterfalls.  Daniel then traveled to the French River in Northern Ontario where he had the fortune to reside at a fishing lodge for 2 seasons and paint the river landscape.  After a few years of traveling and acquiring more experience with painting Daniel landed in Atlanta, Ga to study painting and sculpture at The Atlanta College of Art, earning his BFA in 2005. Daniel has since continued to paint and develop his style and in more recent years began experimenting with digital art which led him to produce designs for the Atlanta Braves, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, and a few other local companies in Atlanta.  Daniel’s work has been featured in Living Magazine as well as Shout Out Atlanta Magazine and he is currently on his fourth year of painting live at Park Tavern alongside Piedmont Park in the heart of the city each Sunday night from April to September.   His work can also be found in various art venues around the city and he regularly participates in local and regional Art Markets.  Atlanta is where Daniel currently resides and works from his home studio.

Artist Statement

        Through painting, I am exploring my memories and experiences of people, creatures, and the landscape.  I approach the canvas with an image in mind while allowing the subject to evolve with each layer.  The process is a gradual construction of physical texture combined with vibrant color harmonies.   I am exploring technique and materials to develop forms that investigate the relationship between sculpture and painting.  My ultimate goal is to create paintings that connect with the viewer through familiar human experiences and offer a profound visual experience of paint.

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