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In my art, I draw from the rich traditions of impressionism and pointillism, infusing my work with vibrant colors and a unique approach. I sculpt the canvas to blend the realms of painting and sculpture, aiming to evoke shared human experiences and cherished memories through my portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes. This multidimensional approach allows me to create visually engaging and tactile artworks, inviting viewers to experience my work on multiple sensory levels.

Photo of Daniel Curran Art painting live at Park Tavern

Photo Credit: Stephen Averett

Solo Shows  


2024 European Impressions - Empire Arts Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2023 Tropical Visions - ABA Gallery, Hapeville, GA

2022 Rev Coffee Presents: Owls and Other Drawings - Smyrna, GA 

2022 The Portrait Series by Daniel Curran - Stout Brothers - Roswell, GA

2021 Owls - Cultured South, Atlanta, GA

2021 Rev Coffee Presents: A Collection of Portraits by Daniel Curran -  Smyrna, GA

2015 Fantastico (Featured Artist)  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta, GA

2008 Canvas: Art, Bar, Lounge. (Grand Opening & Solo Show) Atlanta

2004 Recollections. (Solo Show)  Gallery 100. Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta        


Group Shows

2024 Railroad Earth Spring Art Show - Railroad Earth-ATL, Atlanta, GA

2024 Star Wars Art Show - Urban Pop Comics Company, Acworth, GA

2024 Bountiful Earth - Avondale Arts Ceneter, Avondale Estates, GA

2024 End Over End - ABA Gallery, Hapeville, GA

2024 Don't Make it Weird - ABA Gallery, Hapeville, GA

2023 Glacial Reverie - ABA Gallery, Hapeville, GA

2023 Something Haunting is Brewing VI - ABA Gallery, Hapeville, GA

2023 The Waffle House Museum Art Show - Avondale Estates, GA

2023 DREAMSCAPES - Limelight Gallery - Atlanta, GA

2023 Vinyl IV: The Flip Side -  ABA Gallery - Hapeville, GA 

2023 Octopi Hapeville -  ABA Gallery - Hapeville, GA 

2022 45 RPM -  ABA Gallery - Hapeville, GA

2022 Vinyl III -  ABA Gallery -  Hapeville, GA 

2022 Vivid Lucidity (A Self Portrait Show) -  ABA Gallery - Hapeville, GA

2022 Pinch n’ Ouch Theater (Rent show run) Atlanta, GA

2022 Chairish the Future (Benefitting the Atlanta Furniture Bank)  - Foundry at Puritan Mill Atlanta, GA 

2021 Something Haunting is Brewing V-  ABA Gallery - Hapeville, GA

2021 Vinyl II - ABA Gallery (Arches Brewing) Hapeville, GA

2021 Intoxicating - Ave Gallery, Marietta, GA

2021 Chairish the Future (Benefitting the Atlanta Furniture Bank)  - Foundry at Puritan Mill Atlanta, GA (BEST IN SHOW AWARD)

2020 A Night of Good Trouble - Historic Pullman Yard, Atlanta, GA 

2020 Hapeville Dia De Los Muertos Festival.  Hapeville, GA

2020 Something Wicked this Way Comes VI. The Highlander, Atlanta, GA

2020 Masquerade Ball – Battle & Brew. Sandy Springs, GA

2020 Starving Artist Art Show - The Highlander Atlanta, GA

2020 Look Up Decatur – (Public Art Project)  Decatur, GA

2020 Vader Case Project (Benefitting Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta) Marietta, GA

2020 Get Comforta-bowl (Benefitting Friends of Refugees, Our House, AIM) Decatur, GA

2019 Bride of Decks & Dogs. Dogtowne Franks. Decatur, GA

2019 Cool Beans Halloween Exhibition. Cool Beans Coffee. Marietta, GA

2019 Something Wicked this Way Comes 5.  Highlander. Atlanta, GA

2019 Monsters Battle & Brew.  Sandy Springs, GA

2019 Arches Brewing Halloween Show.  Atlanta, GA

2019  Journey to Terra Flora  Galeria Regina.  Decatur, GA

2019 A Tribute to Disney. Battle & Brew. Sandy Springs, GA

2019 Apollo 11 Space Show. North Park Gallery. Marietta, GA

2019 A Tribute to Nintendo.  Battle & Brew.  Sandy Springs, GA

2019 Rad Women.  Hodgepodge Coffee House.  Atlanta, GA

2019 Bloody Valentines.  The Highlander.  Atlanta, GA

2018 A Tribute to Toys.  Battle & Brew.  Sandy Springs, GA

2018 Decks N Dogs.  Dogtowne Franks.  Atlanta, GA

2018 Something Wicked This Way Comes.  The Highlander.  Atlanta, GA

2018 Villains Ball Battle & Brew.  Sandy Springs, GA

2018 RE:Imagine/ATL Mason Fine Art. Atlanta, GA

2018 Nefarious 2.  The Highlander. Atlanta, GA

2018 Science Fiction Art Show. Battle & Brew.  Sandy Springs, GA

2018 Guillermo Del Toro Art Show. Battle & Brew. Sandy Springs, GA

2018 90's Art Show.  Battle & Brew. Sandy Springs, GA

2018 Bloody Hearts & Broken Valentines. The Highlander. Atlanta

2017 Something Wicked This Way Comes. The Highlander. Atlanta

2017 Not a Crime: A Skateboard Art Show. Mutiny Artwrx. Atlanta

2017 Highlander 25th Anniversary.  The Highlander. Atlanta

2016 Beats N Brushes. Union EAV. Atlanta

2015 Day of the Dead Show.  Union EAV. Atlanta, GA

2015 Haunted Art Show. Doo Gallery. Atlanta, GA

2015 Wake Art Show (Benefitting WSIA & YMCA) Allatoona Adventures, Canton, GA

2015  Surf Expo Pro Wakeboarding Tour Dallas Landing, Lake Allatoona, Acworth, GA

2015 Wake Art Project. Doo Gallery. Atlanta, GA

2014  Deck The Walls. (Benefitting - A Skate Foundation helping kids with autism.  Doo Gallery, Atlanta

2014 Southern Swells Surf Art Show. Doo Gallery. Atlanta

2014  Art.  I’d Rather be Bowling. (Benefitting St. Judes.)  Decatur, Georgia

2014  The Herald Group Presents:  A New Hope.  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta

2014  Un arte Nuova.  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta

2013  Art-Fall in Middle Earth.  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta, GA

2013  Haunted Art Show.  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta, GA

2013  Seussville Art Show.  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta, GA

2013  Soiree a Rene’s – ArtShow Deux: Septembre.  Rene Rene, Little 5 Points.  Atlanta, GA

2013  52 Ways to Die Art Show.  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta

2013  Doo Gallery Presents: And Now for Something Completely Different.Doo Gallery.  Atlanta, GA

2013  Pencil Warriors.  Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery.  East Atlanta Village

2013  Pin-It-Up Art Show! (Benefitting the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation)The Framers on Peachtree.  Atlanta, GA

2012  Deck the Walls (Benefitting Grind for Life)  Doo Gallery.  Atlanta

2012  Dia de Los Muertos Art Show. Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery. East Atlanta Village

2012  Cup Cakes vs. Bacon.  Doo Gallery  Atlanta

2012  Dia de Los Muertos Art Show.  Holiday Inn Camp Creek.  Atlanta

2012  Haunted Art Show.  Doo Gallery, Atlanta

2012  ART BOX pARTy.  (Citizens for Ponce Progress) Doo Gallery, Atlanta.

2011  Our Lady Nippon (Benefitting the Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund)

           Doo Gallery, Atlanta.

2008  Chairish the Future.  (Benefitting the Atlanta Furniture Bank)

            The Foundry at Puritan Mill.  Westside, Atlanta

2007  Going for the Goal.  Westin Peachtree Plaza.  Atlanta

2007  Artist Xplosion.  Southern Mills Warehouse.  Castelberry Hills.  Atlanta

2006  Annual Pin-Up Show.  Museuam of Contemprary Art of Georgia.  Atlanta

2005  Annual Pin-Up Show.  Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.  Atlanta

2005  The Future Perfect.  Woodruff Arts Center.  Atlanta

2005  Artists in the Making.  Woodruff Arts Center.  Atlanta

2004  Annual Pin-Up Show. Museuem of Contemporary Art of Georgia.  Atlanta

2000  Really, Really, Small Paintings.  Gallery 100.  Atlanta

1998  Kauai Society of Artists Small Works Show.  Koloa, Hawaii



Collections:      Pabst Blue Ribbon,  Los Angeles, CA

                           Atlanta Braves,  Atlanta, GA

                           Xfinity, Atlanta, GA

                           Georgia Hemp Company, Sandy Springs, GA

                           Black Sheep Lodging Co. Talkeetna, Alaska

                           R Thomas Deluxe Grill. Atlanta, Georgia

                           Bellini's Restaurant, Dunwoody, Georgia

                           JM Consulting Services, Atlanta, Georgia

                               Private Collection, Chicago, Illinois

                               Private Collection, Los Angeles, California

                               Private Collection, Bakersfield, California 

                               Private Collection, Livermore, California

                               Private Collection, Barstow, California

                               Private Collection, Arberdeen, Washington

                               Private Collection, Kauai, Hawaii

                               Private Collection, Atlanta, Georgia

                               Private Collection, Dunwoody, Georgia

                               Private Collection, Roopville, Gerogia

                               Private Collection, Tucker, Gerogia

                               Private Collection, Wilson, North Carolina

                               Private Collection, Rotterdam, Netherlands

                               Private Collection, Troy, New York

                               Private Collection, E. Freetown, Massachusetts

                               Private Collection, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

                               Private Collection, Portland, Maine



Daniel Curran is an Atlanta-based visual artist whose passion for texture and vibrant colors is evident in his body of work. Daniel began his artistic journey as an apprentice on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where he studied landscape painting and laid the foundation for his career. He later continued his education in art and earned a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art.


Drawing inspiration from the great impressionist painters and armed with a background in painting and sculpture, Daniel has developed a unique approach to his craft. Central to his creative process is a brilliant fusion of sculpture and painting, resulting in canvases adorned with strikingly textured surfaces.


Beyond traditional art, Daniel has ventured into digital art, securing commissions from prominent brands like the Atlanta Braves and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. His work has also been featured in various publications, such as Living Magazine, Shout Out Atlanta, and Canvas Rebel Magazine.


Daniels art can be found in various art venues throughout the city. He participates in group shows, live events, regional art markets and public art projects, connecting with the local community. He currently resides in Atlanta, diligently creating new work in his home studio.

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